Renewing your Beekeeper Registration

Please note that if you received an invitation to renew your beekeeping registration in the post before 31st October 2019 and have not yet renewed, then the instructions in that correspondence are no longer valid With the introduction of a new application, the instructions below should now be followed to complete your renewal.

First time in the New Bees System

To create a new login that automatically attaches to your existing beekeeper registration data requires that you have a valid email address on file with Agriculture Victoria and that you will use this email address going forward. If either of these statements are not true, then please call the bee registration hotline on 1800 356 761 to update your email address.

To successfully create a login and connect to your email address and existing beekeeping registration records, you have two options. They are to either create an AgVic login or make use of one of three social authorisation options.

Option 1: Create an AgVic Login

To do this, at the top-right of the screen, click on “Register”. In the email box on the left type in the email address that you know is on your current Agriculture Victoria beekeeping record. Enter a password that must be at least six characters long. Repeat that password in the confirm password box and click on “Register”. A confirmation email should then appear in your inbox but check the junk folder if it doesn’t appear. Click on the link provided in the email. This will log you into your new Bees account.

Option 2: Login Using your preferred Social Provider

To create an account that automatically links to your social media account, the email address you use to access social media must match the one on your Agriculture Victoria beekeeping record. If it does, click on “Register” at the top-right of the screen and then click on one of the following:

On clicking one of these options, you will probably be asked to confirm whether you’d like Agriculture Victoria to receive your details from the social platform. Please confirm that this is OK, and you will then continue on to your account in Bees.

Renew your Registration

On logging into your account, you will be provided with the option to renew your registration. To do this click on the blue “Register for the next two years” button. You will then be asked to enter the number of hives that you wish to register. Based on this number, a fee calculation will be done, though this only applies to apiaries with more than five (5) registered hives.

Ensure that you have read and understand the Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice documentation that is provided as a downloadable PDF link and then complete the compliance declaration by checking the tick-box provided. To finish this process, click “Confirm Details”.

If you have registered for five or less hives, you will be instantly marked as “Registered”. If you are required to pay a fee, then your registration will be marked as “Pending Payment”.

Registration Payment

Agriculture Victoria have provided a fully secure credit card payment through the Westpac Banking Corporation. To access this facility, click on the blue “Pay Registration Fee” button. You will be taken through to Westpac’s payment facilities, where you are able to enter your credit card details and click on “Process” to initiate payment. On completing a successful payment, you will be provided with a button to return to your now fully registered Bees account.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with this payment process, then please call the bee registration hotline on 1800 356 761.

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